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Two new books are coming from Martti Nelson & Humorist Books!

APRIL 1, 2021

Lyssa Strata, dorky librarian extraordinaire, has had enough of Athena, Massachusetts’ misogynistic old laws. This redheaded spinster—who, according to a 1673 statute, should be run out of town at the end of a musket upon a poor fiscal year—leads the town’s women in a daring sex strike protest for equality, and runs to be the first woman ever on the town council. If she can wriggle her way out of the stocks after being declared a witch, that is.

FALL 2021

Proud misanthrope Sophie Sweet is trapped in a magical rom-com of the teenage hi-jinks variety. And the pretty princess kind. Wait—Jane Austen old tymey shit, too? None of these calamities would have happened if Sophie hadn’t mocked Tiffani the Psychic, but how else to convince a heroine made of barbed wire that true love really is for everyone?

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