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The Diary of Gruuka, the World's First Feminist

Diary, it is wrong to want man who listen to me and who also have boobies?

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Announcement: Brad is the Designated -Zilla for the Evans-Bisset Wedding

Strap in, you worthless feelings of Monday-morning dread, we’re going groomzilla-ing.

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Embarrassing Ways I Have Died in the Past

Burned as a witch for suggesting to my doctor that uterus-ghosts cannot be cured by spitting at them.

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What Your Favorite LaCroix Flavor Says About Your Dating Life

Read the mystic bubbles and behold the future! Besides the stomach upset — that’s a given.

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4 Uses for Your Amazing She Shed That Totally Aren’t Murder

She sheds are all the rage! And you know what goes with all that extreme rage you’re probably feeling as a “she”? It’s definitely not murder or mayhem, little lady.