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Excerpts from AI-Written Rom-Coms That Prove Human Writers Are Obsolete

Kerilynne stomps across the glamorous red carpet to get away from Dominic. She is a sexy movie star and has irritable bowel syndrome. This makes her relatable.

QUIZ: Are You a Modern Badass Woman or Some Weird Medieval Bat Thing?

Who am I? Why am I here? Should I have 10 feet attached to my mono-wing?

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Meet the Shittiest Princess!

“But fulfilling female friendships that don’t revolve around men are forbidden in my line of work,” said Princess Poot.

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Zombies and Old Lace, a Story That Moves Very Slowly

No one expects to become a Zombie at eighty-three. Estate planning seminars just don’t cover that sort of thing.

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We’ve Got Everything You Need at Fred’s Feed & Farmaceuticals – Including Ivermectin!

Our anti-fungus goat salve can cure your whole family of boils, burns, scrapes, indoctrination, jihadists, and California.

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How to Prepare for Horse Girl Season Even Though Those Oversized Beast-Thingies Smell Like Poo

It’s super possible to get Horse Girl ready even when you’re rightfully scared that the creature will kick your tits in.

The Diary of Gruuka, the World's First Feminist

Diary, it is wrong to want man who listen to me and who also have boobies?

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Announcement: Brad is the Designated -Zilla for the Evans-Bisset Wedding

Strap in, you worthless feelings of Monday-morning dread, we’re going groomzilla-ing.

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Embarrassing Ways I Have Died in the Past

Burned as a witch for suggesting to my doctor that uterus-ghosts cannot be cured by spitting at them.

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What Your Favorite LaCroix Flavor Says About Your Dating Life

Read the mystic bubbles and behold the future! Besides the stomach upset — that’s a given.

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4 Uses for Your Amazing She Shed That Totally Aren’t Murder

She sheds are all the rage! And you know what goes with all that extreme rage you’re probably feeling as a “she”? It’s definitely not murder or mayhem, little lady.

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